The ICAVS conference series is a leading international conference that is open and dedicated to advances in all areas of vibrational spectroscopy. It therefore provides a broad, unique learning experience for Newcomers to leaders in the field of infrared and Raman spectroscopy.

The ICAVS Conference Series brings together researchers, application scientists and instrumentation developers from universities, research institutes and industry to provide a forum to present and discuss recent developments in all fields of vibrational spectroscopy.

ICAVS is particularly focused on showcasing developments at the leading edge of vibrational spectroscopy and covers applications of vibrational  spectroscopy over a wide-range of disciplines including, inter alia: chemistry, physics, materials,biology, agriculture, process control, biochemistry and medicine.

A key aim of ICAVS is to encourage the activities of students and young people at the early stage of their careers in the area of vibrational spectroscopy.

ICAVS Topics

new developments in ...

NIR/MIR/Raman/THz spectroscopy
microspectroscopy & Imaging 
nearfield vibrational spectroscopy 
plasmonics / SERS / SEIRA
miniaturization and Integration
mid-IR laser spectroscopy
non-linear techniques (SFG, CARS, SRS)
vibrational optical activity
beamline based spectroscopy
theoretical, computational and databases (e.g. HITRAN, GEISA…)

vibrational spectroscopy in ...

life sciences
material sciences
surface science
process analysis & chemometrics
fine arts
environmental analysis / planetary science
stand-off & remote sensing