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Dear attendees of ICAVS 8

It was a great pleasure to host the 8th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy at TU Wien from July 12-17, 2015.

We, the local organizing team, would like to thank you for your cooperation throughout this week. Your excellent scientific contributions in the form of outstanding plenary and invited lectures, contributed talks and poster presentations as well as the very vivid and stimulating discussions were of paramount importance for making this conference a great success.

We hope you have or already had a safe trip back home. In case you come to Vienna again, please stop by at TU Wien and pay us a visit. Please remember the submission to the Virtual Special Issue of Vibrational Spectroscopy dedicated to ICAVS 8 is open. Details can be found here.


The local organizing team of ICAVS 8






ICAVS Topics

new developments in ...

NIR/MIR/Raman/THz spectroscopy
microspectroscopy & Imaging 
nearfield vibrational spectroscopy 
plasmonics / SERS / SEIRA
miniaturization and Integration
mid-IR laser spectroscopy
non-linear techniques (SFG, CARS, SRS)
vibrational optical activity
beamline based spectroscopy
theoretical, computational and databases (e.g. HITRAN, GEISA…)

vibrational spectroscopy in ...

life sciences
material sciences
surface science
process analysis & chemometrics
fine arts
environmental analysis 
planetary science
stand-off & remote sensing


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